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Compliant, simple and accessible

Compliant, simple and accessible

Document management alternatives are expensive, difficult to implement and are often noncompliant while homegrown or paper-based systems add undue risk. Learn More.

  • Permission based access/privileges
  • Google-like search across all data and attached files
  • Full document lifecycle management from draft to retirement
  • Enforce document approval workflows by category
  • Secure exports, including watermarked PDF
  • Create and distribute drafts for collaboration

Confidence in your Training Compliance

Confidence in your Compliance

Training Records are a favorite hunting area for auditors, so give managers and employees the tools they need to stay on top of their training. Learn More.

  • Create a course syllabus from all effective documents
  • Automated email alerts let users know pending or over-due training requirements
  • Log live training events or assign proficiency tests for any user or group
  • Generate user training dossiers on demand
  • Dynamic visibility and reporting for users and managers

Enforce your change control policies

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 10.00.13 AM

Managing change is a critical compliance initiative in a controlled environment. And every change can be different (e.g. Document vs Engineering changes). ZenQMS provides the flexibility to meet your exact change control needs. Learn More.

  • Define/enforce multiple change management processes
  • Create and manage sub-tasks for any Change Control
  • Apply custom forms and workflows to any CC stage
  • Include ALL form data in trending/analytics reporting
  • Generate PDFs with select stage data and attachments
  • Assign granular permissions for access and escalation

Close the loop on all your issues

Close the loop on all your issues

Scaling your process for managing complaints or deviations is difficult. The good news is ZenQMS was built from the ground up around managing issues and CAPAs the way you do. Just better. Learn More.

  • Log an issue for any internal or external site
  • Issues can be linked to unlimited CAPAs and assigned to an investigator group
  • Traditional process for Assessment, Root Cause Analysis and Action Plan
  • Upload documents of any file type anywhere in the process
  • Create notification lists of internal & external parties via email
  • Manage effectiveness checks

Supplier qualification & audit done right

Supplier qualification

Take the guess work out of audit planning and execution. Our proven approach to managing audits of internal entities or external suppliers /contractors will put your mind at ease. Learn More.

  • Supplier data management using ZenQMS Qsheets
  • Manage recurring audits for any site
  • Edit audits live or upload completed documents and attachments later
  • Share audits electronically with auditees at no extra charge, including observation responses
  • Share all audit aspects with auditee
  • Store related auditee documents in one place (e.g. MSAs & Quality Agreements)
  • Keyword search all audits and analytics
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