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Quality News and Events

Quality is a journey, not a destination. As part of the quality community, we're always looking to improve and learn from one another. Quality Leaders Forum and Quality Lab programming are opportunities to invest in shared knowledge and connect. 

QLFBoston Quality Leaders Forum & Happy Hour

Join your peers in biopharma across New England as well as subject matter experts in Quality to discuss one of the most critical but oft-overlooked topics for early-stage life sciences companies: Quality Management.

Quality Lab Documents
Customer Event SeriesVirtual Quality Lab | New Documents Module

Our Client Success team will walk you through the Dashboard and Full Table of the All-New Documents module, providing insight and answers about this highly anticipated update. This is part of a Five-Part series covering all aspects of the new Documents Module.

Quality Lab Validation
Customer Event - March 20th at 1pm ETVirtual Quality Lab | Validation Using a Risk-Based Approach

Join us for a presentation about the software validation and re-qualification process by our VP of Quality, Karin Ashkenazi.

Quality Lab PHL
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Customer EventLive Quality Lab and Happy Hour in Philly

Meet our team, get a sneak peek at our most exciting upcoming features, and chat 1-on-1 with members of our team to ensure you're getting the most out of ZenQMS. 

  • Earn “ZenQMS Certified Administrator Status” by attending a 1-hour Configuration Workshop hosted by our Client Success team
  • Meet 1-on-1 with our amazing Customer Support team
  • Update your ZenQMS account with a valuable Change Control or Issues module configuration you can use immediately
  • Preview our product roadmap and upcoming feature releases
  • Meet and mingle with other quality professionals from the Tri-State area
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New Year, New eQMS LinkedIn Ad Stock no CTA-1
WebinarNew Year, New eQMS: Identifying eQMS Stress and Building a Plan to Eliminate It

In this highly actionable webinar, you will hear from Quality Leaders and subject matter experts with first-hand experience diagnosing eQMS stressors and dysfunction and how to build a strategic plan to procure and implement an eQMS that does a better job at meeting your quality, compliance, cost, and user needs. 

Collaborative Editing
Quality LabCollaborative Editing

Collaborative editing is here! You’re invited to join us on Wednesday, February 7th from 1-1:45pm EST as the ZenQMS Client Services team demonstrates the new collaborative editing feature. 

This session is open to all current ZenQMS customers and will be followed by a live Q&A.

Case to Replace Event Card
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WebinarThe Case to ReplaceWatch Now
New Release WebinarQuality Lab

Version 2023.1 represents significant improvements and new features across our entire platform.

For help navigating this update, current ZenQMS customers can register for one of our webinars with live Q&A.

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Quality Leaders ForumCSA, SOC 2, and Everything in Between

The FDA has recently transitioned from Computer System Validation to Computer Software Assurance as its guidance for Life Sciences companies. How will this change affect quality at your organization?

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Version 2022.1
Quality LabNew Release Webinar: Version 2022.1

Version 2022.1 represents significant improvements and new features across our entire platform.

Click here to read the 2022.1 Release Notes

Insider's View
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Quality Leaders ForumAn Insider's View of Data Privacy & Security

It’s a question on everyone's mind: How do I keep my company's information safe?

Topics include: 

  • The current data security landscape 
  • What protection you should expect from any SaaS provider 
  • ZenQMS’ best practices 
  • Responsibilities that companies must take for their own data security 
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The Untapped Potential of Quality Culture
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Quality Leaders ForumThe Untapped Potential of Quality Culture

The connection between Quality and profit is often undervalued. But the purpose, innovation, and adaptability Quality culture can contribute will be non-negotiable for businesses moving forward. How can you ensure your Quality strategy is your competitive advantage?

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Q2 Highlights from CS
Quality LabQ2 Highlights from Customer Success

To wrap up our second quarter, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks from our Customer Success Team. Cason Walker, Stephen Smith, and Joe Shoemaker will walk you through configuring document accessibility, assigning training, editing user info and more!

This session is for current ZenQMS customers. 

Digital Body Language
Quality Leaders ForumIncrease quality & trust using Digital Body Language

Connection and Trust are critical to Quality Cultures. But how do you build them? Our May Quality Leaders Forum speakers, Erica Dhawan, leadership expert & author of Digital Body Language, and Kirsten Peterson, Quality and Regulatory leader at TraceLink, will be sharing their expertise on frameworks for collaboration.

Issues Module
Quality LabIssues Module: Create Custom Closed-Loop Processes

As quality teams, you’re always looking for ways to connect opportunities for improvement and next steps. Demonstrating that these have been captured appropriately and actioned is critical for both client and regulatory audits. With the Issues module, you can create custom, closed-loop processes for tracking your most important issues and showing the journey to improvement.

This session is for current ZenQMS customers.

Streamline Your Training
Quality LabTraining Module: Streamline Your Training

Training is critical to every quality process to ensure competency and confidence in processes. Our goal is to help you automate and streamline the training pipeline. Learn how to best maximize your use of the training module.

This session is for current ZenQMS customers.

Quality Roadmap for Medical Devices
Quality Leaders ForumQuality Roadmap for Medical Devices

In addition to all of the typical challenges of building a tech/device startup (e.g., development, marketing, hiring, etc), medical device startups need to adhere to regulatory and quality endpoints. While a variety of factors come into play, there are four phases that can help you build a quality roadmap. 

We're delighted to have Melita Ball host our March 25th Quality Leaders Forum to discuss her experience building quality roadmaps with medical device startups and her 4 Phase framework.

Fail Faster and Succeed Quicker
Quality Leaders ForumFail Faster and Succeed Quicker

Emerging tech is developing so rapidly that it's a challenge for almost any business to keep up. In the Life Sciences, we have to balance innovation with regulatory standards and safeguards that often have life and death consequences. But that doesn't mean that we have to wait to experiment with what could be game-changing advancements.

We're delighted to have Evun Wyer host our March 11th Quality Leaders Forum to discuss his experience exploring emerging technologies for a global pharma technology division--and without breaking the bank.

Take Control of Your Tech Stack
Quality Leaders ForumTake Control of Your Tech Stack

Not having a plan for your tech stack not only leads to inefficiency and extraneous cost, but it could also be a huge risk for compliance and data integrity, especially for emerging Life Science companies.  As we begin a new year, our forum led by Gene Lichtman will discuss how you can quickly take an IT snapshot that will allow you to regain control of your tech stack and set you up for success.

Change Control Module
Quality LabRing in 2021 Changes: Change Control Module

2020 brought a lot of pivots and changes, so we're starting off 2021 with the Change Control module. Learn how we use change control at ZenQMS for everything from process change to onboarding/access control. We'll pre-populate your sandbox with our template so you can experiment. This event is for current ZenQMS customers. 

Quality Leaders Forum
Quality Leaders ForumPart II of Training Beyond Standard Operating Procedures

We're delighted to offer an encore conversation about remote training and training best practices.   This year has challenged us to rethink our training procedures for quality management. Timothy Reinhardt and Mike Kent will guide the discussion in Decemeber's Quality Leaders Forum to focus on frameworks for training beyond checking the box and how we can create engaging effective remote training opportunities.

QLF November 2020
Quality Leaders ForumTraining Beyond Standard Operating Procedures

This year has challenged us to rethink our training procedures for quality management. Timothy Reinhardt and Mike Kent will guide the discussion in November's Quality Leaders Forum to focus on frameworks for training beyond checking the box and how we can create engaging effective remote training opportunities.

Think Outside the Box
Quality LabThink Outside the Box: Issues Module

When you think of Issues, CAPAs, deviations, customer complaints, and even department-specific issues may come to mind. What you may not know is that ZenQMS can be configured for each of those and more.  In this session, you'll learn how to customize the Issues module and try it out for yourself with a template that will be in your sandbox. Please note: This event is for current ZenQMS customers and we will add a template in your sandbox when you register. 

QLF Playing the infinite Game in Quality
Quality Leaders ForumPlaying the Infinite Game in Quality

A 30-minute interactive forum led by Steve Diedrich to explore why we should be playing an infinite game when it comes to quality management. Discussion topics include: a quick review of Simon Sinek's "Infinite Game" framework and how it applies to quality; aligning quality metrics with business objectives; and actionable next steps for quick wins and longer-term gains. 

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