Let's talk $ ₤ ¥ € !

We’re big believers in transparency and setting our customers up for success.

ZenQMS uses a different approach

We're committed to your success, so we built a pricing and support model to reflect that. 

We don't count seats.
We decided on day 1 that charging our users by seat was not for us. So go ahead, get the whole team in there, they probably have some documents to sign.
You only pay for what you need.

Small and large companies should have access to simple software for a fair price.

Our pricing model looks at your footprint in the application and distributed support needs.

We think it makes sense.

Awesome comes standard.
We don't do modules, you get access to all of our great ideas out of the box.
We share the wealth.
This cloud thing is pretty cool. Not having to rebuild our application for each of our clients is cool too. Saves us money, saves you money. 
Need help? Just ask.
We work when you work. Support comes standard.
Failure is not an option.
We vet all of our clients to make sure there is a fit. We will work with you to get everything up and running.

Our partnership goes beyond software

We'll help you set a foundation for success quickly. Turnkey implementations take between 30-90 days and include guided validations and personalized onboarding. 

ZenQMS is a partnership that includes implementation project management, application, and support.


We assign a dedicated project manager and implementation specialist to your account who take you from demo through data import and configuration to team training. The cost of implementation is calculated based on the amount and complexity of your existing data as well as training needs.

Application & Enterprise Support

Our simple pricing model is premised on the size and complexity of managing and supporting your account-- so think about how many items we are migrating in and how many users we are supporting across how many sites/time zones.

That fee comes with access to a production and sandbox environment, all upgrades and local backups.

Ready to control quality?