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The Case to Replace: How to Recognize a Failing eQMS and Create a Plan to Fix It

On-Demand Webinar

The idea of "ripping and replacing" an existing eQMS with another can be intimidating for organizations of any size or type. However, the long-term costs of using an ill-suited system can far outweigh the short-term effort to put a more functional one in place. 

In this on-demand webinar, Quality Leaders and members of the C-suite share their processes for diagnosing issues with their existing QMS, building a case for replacement, and developing a budget to do so. Plus, they share tips on how to build partnerships between quality teams and leadership to secure the technology that they deserve - all while minimizing disruption to existing quality workflows and saving costs in both the near and long term. 

Viewers will walk away with the ability to:

  • Diagnose the functionality and organizational adoption of their current eQMS
  • Understand how to determine whether or not replacement is necessary
  • Develop a functional and financial case for replacement to present to the C-suite
  • Identify and work with their executive partners 
  • Measure the success of their replacement initiative


QL Headshots
Panos Boudouvas
Tiffany Sepp
Tiffany Sepp
CEO | Vanguard Clinical
Nicolas Kalogaras
Nicholas Kalogeras
Associate Director, Quality Assurance | Vanguard Clinical